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Just 6 ingredients you know and trust with baked in goodness.

Limited Ingredients recipes in 3 delicious flavours

Containing Just 6 everyday kitchen ingredients that you know and recognise, these tasty complete recipes give your dog all the natural goodness they need.

For extra flavour, crunch and nutrition, we add slow baked kibbles made with the finest freshly-prepared meat and fish, blended with farm grown vegetables and oils rich in vitamins and nutrients.

And, it’s grain free too, meaning it's suitable for sensitive stomachs.

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6 big benefits

The Just 6 Promise

Our wholesome recipes deliver all the natural goodness your dog needs with Just 6 familiar ingredients. They're high quality, simple and tasty.

Slow Baked

Cooking at lower temperatures make our slow baked kibbles tastier and crunchier – and it’s better at locking in their nutritional content than other methods.


We use everyday kitchen ingredients – the finest meat and fish, farm grown vegetables and rich vegetable stock. We add extra salmon oil, vitamins and minerals to give your dog all the goodness they need.

Grain Free

Just 6 is completely grain free. Grains can interfere with mineral absorption, so it’s great news for all dogs – and it’s kind to sensitive stomachs too.


We use freshly prepared high quality chicken, lamb and salmon in our slow baked kibbles - and the way we bake it keeps the goodness locked in.


Our Just 6 food bags are 100% recyclable, as part of our efforts to send less waste to landfill.

No more, no less.
Just 6 ingredients

Complete doesn’t have to be complex – it takes Just 6 ingredients. We combine the finest salmon, chicken or lamb with farm grown vegetables in a tasty stock, enriched with salmon oil, vitamins and minerals.

It’s the simple recipe to knowing everything in your dog’s diet.

Watch our video to discover the goodness that goes into every bag of Just 6 by Harringtons.

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Available in 3 delicious flavours.
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